Saturday, March 4, 2017

Novels, Screenplays, Formatting and Such

Welcome Readers!

I am currently working on formatting 2 select stories from my unpublished collection of screenplays. 

They are in the mystery/drama/adventure and allegory categories. 

Be on the lookout 2017 and 2018 for these upcoming books. I plan to publish through Amazon. 

This is going to be a busy year for me, but I hope to bring everyone up to speed on what I am up to. I also hope to bring along all of you who have been with me since my blogging/indie interviewing days (THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY!!). I ask each of you to bear with me during this transitional phase, as there is a full-fledged website in the works; however- while it is being created- I couldn't wait to share some of the makings and inspirational updates as we move along in this process! 

Keep an eye out on facebook, twitter, and Pintrest this year if I do not post things to this blog. Mainly Facebook

On Facebook on my Debbie D. Writer page, I have been sharing some creativity leaks. And if you do not know me, and you wish to friend me because you are a Blogger reader, please mention Blogger in a DM to me along with your friend request. 
Or, you can "Like" the Debbie D. Writer page without being my "friend" on facebook if you prefer. 

Wish me luck in my latest endeavors as I step into being a full-fledged independent author/novelist! 

~Important to you Indies out there!!!
I plan to continue to blog/interview other Indie artists/authors/musicians/etc. as I have in the past. And in case you haven't read my Twitter page- my nickname for that blogging is now #BlogTravelerDeb (rather than "FBDJDeb"). 

You will find some links on this blog to be similar to the previous one. But also- as we roll to my official website- the format will yet again change; but we will do our best to stick to fresh and fun themes, all the while maintaining a good user-friendly style, which you have been familiar with. 

For the readers,

D. Dickson

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